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A 6 yard dumpster is common for mid-sized companies with regular manufacturing or higher foot traffic with less than 250 employees.  This dumpster is equivalent to roughly three 2 yard dumpsters and can hold approximately 45 large bags of trash or a total weight of around 1200 lbs.  Containers can be made lockable but wheels cannot be added to a dumpster this size as the wheels would buckle under the weight of the dumpster.

These commercial dumpsters would be good for mid-size businesses with bulkier waste or facilities that handle food waste such as daycares or restaurants.  This dumpster is also a good option for two smaller companies that would like to share a container.  Used for more common trash such as food waste, cardboard, paper, plastic, and aluminum; they should not be used for appliances, electronics, chemical waste, or medical waste. Appropriate for establishments that generate more than just office trash. 




Common Applications

  • Medium sized restaurants
  • Laundromats
  • Strip Malls
  • Large Retail stores
  • Gas Station or Convenience Store
  • Mid-size Apartment Complexes
  • Larger Office Building

*Dumpster styles may vary depending on the container manufacturer and availability.

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20 yard dumpsters represent the workhorse of the dumpster rental industry. They are a very common dumpster size because of their mid-range specifications, with a length of 20 feet, a height of 3.5 feet, and a width of 8 feet.

They are very popular for long-term projects, such as light construction, as they are big enough to handle large quantities of debris without taking up too much space.

Local Dumpster Rental Service Areas

Delivery charge is a one-time fee. Then, you are charged every time you have the container hauled. Usually the haul includes 2-5 tons (4000 to 10,000 pounds)… once you exceed the allotted amount for your container then you will be charged for each additional ton. Landfill disposal costs vary by region.

The more notice, the better. Usually we can have a container delivered within 48 hours, depending on supply and demand.

Your cost is influenced by a number of factors which include the weight of the material, the size of the container, the length of the rental period and local taxes and fees. Our goal is to offer an easy to understand flat-rate price with no surprises.