Frequently Asked Questions


Sundance places the highest priority on the safety of our community and our team
Sundance will make every effort to collect your waste
If inclement weather occurs, waste collection will be at the discretion of route supervisors
Sundance is not responsible for Weather or acts of God that delay collection. 
Routes schedules may be delayed or adjusted so that all waste can be collected. 

Front Load Business Dumpsters

If you are new business and your are needing a container delivered for the first time then establishing service is easy! You will either call our office or submit an online quote request.  If you have a permanent front-load dumpster on-site already, then you may have an existing contract with another company. Contact us and we can walk you through this process. 

We offer 2 yard, 3 yard, 4 yard, 6 yard and 8 yard dumpsters. You can view the sizes here. 

All front-load permanent dumpsters are setup on a schedule. You can have the container emptied from 1x a week up to 6x a week. 

All front-load dumpsters are about 6 feet wide and range in heigh and depth. They are designed to be setup on a weekly scheduled - frequency can range from 1x a week to 6x a week.  There is a specialized truck that loads the dumpster from the front and lift's the container upside down and empties the trash. Once the container is placed back down on the ground, the driver goes to the next closest stop on his route.

A roll-off dumpster is much larger. It does not have lids and it is emptied by a different type of truck. A roll-off container is loaded using a hook or chain that pulls the container onto the back of a truck chassis. The box is then transported to the landfill in order to be emptied. There is no compaction on these trucks. Roll Off dumpsters are most often used for large bulky items (wood pallets, brush, debris, furniture) or for construction projects. 

No liquid or hazardous waste. No tires. No rocks, brick or dirt. Minimal construction debris is aloud unless the material safely fits inside the dumpster. Large bulky items that can get wedged into the dumpster are also not aloud - such as mattresses, couches and large tree branches.  It is possible to put these larger items into your front-load dumpster so long as they are cut down to size and safely fit inside the container without sticking over the top. If you have questions, please ask.

You will need to check with your municipality to see what the requirement is for dumpster enclosures.  Most cities do not want dumpsters to be visible from the main thoroughfare.

Dumpster placement is important when you want reliable service. The dumpster must be easily accessible for the large front-load trucks. Pay close attention to overhead wires or branches, narrow alleyways or areas with a limited turn radius.  Dumpsters should be put on reinforced concrete to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear on your property. 

Large bulky items must be broken down and safely placed inside the dumpster so that they do not stick out about the top rim.  In addition, the items should not be tightly wedged into the container to obstruct the other trash from being safely emptied.  Sundance offers bulk removal and junk removal services for items that will not safely fit in your dumpster. You can also schedule a roll-off dumpster for large items. Please contact us if you have questions. 

We also offer junk removal services where we can help carry and load the meterial before hauling it away. We offer quotes for single haul aways, as well as all-day junk removal projects. 

There are two types of front-load recycling dumpsters offered:

1.) Single Stream = plastic bottles, tubs, jugs, cardboard, and paper.   Recycling is discouraged and allowed in small amounts.

2.) Cardboard Only = Flattened non-waxy cardboard.

Pricing can fluctuate significantly depending on what municipality you are located in. Some areas have subsidized recycling programs and some do not. As such, it is not uncommon for people to actually pay *more* for a recycle dumpster than a trash dumpster of the same size.  

Prices range based on the size and frequency of the container. In addition, the type of material also makes a different. For example, restaurants have wet and heavy waste streams, but retailers might have light fluffy packaging.  On average when customers Switch to Sundance from another provider they end up paying 15-25% less.   The front-load permanent business dumpsters are invoiced at the beginning of each month. You can have multiple containers at one location if needed. Call our office or fill out our contact form to receive a no obligation quote. 

No batteris. No liquid or hazardous waste. No tile, dirt or concrete. No Construction Debris. Common household or office trash is allowed. 


Please reach out to us via our contact page to have your payment issue or service issue resolved quickly. You can call us and leave a voicemail message at 817 888 6417.

You can login to your Customer Portal to view service and billing details and update your information on-file.

We have GPS on our trucks to carefully track when trucks are in your area.

If you are moving or wish to cancel, please submit a 30-day cancel notice here.

Our service is billed monthly, but we do require a minimum 3-month commitment. If you wish to make a switch to a competitor, we do offer a price-match guarantee.

If you are moving, please pass along our information to the new owners.

If you wish to put your account on vacation hold, you must contact us prior to the next billing cycle, and you must put your account on hold for at least one month. Service-hold must coincide with an entire calendar month to simplify and streamline our billing processes.

Some customers see our services advertised and they are skeptical about the price. 

Sundance Disposal does not charge any hidden or extra monthly fees. Our advertise rate include everything except sales tax. 

We do charge a one-time delivery fee which is disclosed on our Switch to Sundance Sign-up form.

We charge for bulk collection, and customers use our online bulk collection form to submit bulk requests. 

Click the links to read our pricing policy and our terms and conditions. 

  • Bulk must be scheduled at least 24 hours prior to your next scheduled pickup through our website
  • Minimum charge is $25 per occurrence and can increase based on the material collected
  • Bulk material is categorized in four ways:  Small,  Medium,  Large, and Extra Large.
  • Some material is not allowed.  
  • Brush and Garden Debris must be bundled correctly
  • We encourage customers to try and have old appliances recycled by advertising on social media for scrap.

To request your bulk collection, please fill out the bulk request form

Examples of Small Bulk Items. 

Air Purifier    
Baby/Child Car Seats    
Barbeque Grill    
Bed Frame Sets    
Book shelf (1)    
Box Fan    
Brush Pile - 1 Yd³    
Ceiling Fan    
Club Chair or Lazy Boy    
Dining chairs (1-4)    
Extra trash bags (4-8)    
File Cabinet    
Flattened boxes (FREE to Recycling Customers)    
Gutters - 4' or less    
Hampers - Empty    
Hot Tub or Pool Covers    
Large Toys    
Medium Rug    
Metal Bed Frames - Dismantle    
Metal chairs (1-2)    
Mini Fridge     
Motorized riding toy     
Moving Boxes Full (3-8)    
Plastic Patio Furniture    
Range Hoods    
Small Trampoline    
Space Heaters    
Tall tool box    
Toys, Dollhouse, baby toys    
Twin Box Spring    
Twin Mattress    
Vacuum Cleaner    
Washer or Dryer    
Water Heater    
Window A/C Unit    
Window A/C Unit    
Yard bags (4-10)    

To request your bulk collection, please fill out the bulk request form

Examples of Medium Bulk Items

Air Purifier
Basketball Goal. Post cut to 6'.
Book Shelves (1-3)
Brush Pile - 2 Yds³
Carpet Roll (< 6' and < 75lbs)
Chests - Empty
China Cabinet Hutch - Empty
Dining chairs (5+)
Dining Table
Double/Queen Mattress
Double/Queen/King  Box Spring
Dresser - Empty
Entertainment Center - Empty
Extra trash bags (9-16)
Household A/C Unit
Kitchen Table
Love Seat
Medium Rug
Metal Chairs (3+)
Moving Boxes Full (9-15)
Small Deep Freezer (Empty)
Soaker Tub
Twin Box Spring
Twin Mattress
Vacuum Cleaner
Washer or Dryer
Water Heater
Window A/C Unit
XL Rug
Yard Bags (11-20)

To request your bulk collection, please fill out the bulk request form

Examples of Large Bulk Items

Brush Pile - 3 Yds³
Extra Trash Bags (17-24)
Full-Size Fridge - Empty
King Mattress
Large Deep Freezer - Empty
Moving Boxes Full (15+) 
Standard Couch
Yard Bags (21-30)

To request your bulk collection, please fill out the bulk request form

Examples of Extra Large Bulk Items

Brush Pile - 4 yds³
Electric Sofa
Extra Trash Bags (24+)
Sleeper Sofa
Yard Bags (30+)

To request your bulk collection, please fill out the bulk request form

Any items that are too large for the truck, more than 75 lbs, or too heavy for one (1) person to 
load safely, will not be collected.

Any material resulting from work performed by a commercial contractor
Automobiles or Auto Parts
Bags of Dirt, Topsoil, Much or  Manure
Brush not cut to 4 feet or that weighs more than 40lbs per bundle
Camper Shells
Car or Truck Tires
Car seats or fenders
Cast Iron Bathtubs
Ceramic Tile
Chain Link Fencing
Compressed cylinders of any size, shape or condition
Construction and Demolition Debris (C&D)
Dead Animal Carcasses 
Deep Freezers full of expired meat
Drums, Tanks, Kegs or Barrels greater than 55 Gallons
Duct or Sheet Metal
Fence Posts with Concrete Attached
Fire-Damaged Items
Hazardous Waste
Home Renovation/Remodeling Debris
Hot Tubs or Spas
Marble or simulated Marble countertops
Materials from Evictions or foreclosures
Metal Poles and playground equipment
No items with FREON or condensers
Oil Drums
Pianos or Organs
Propane Tanks
Railroad Ties
Riding Lawnmowers
Roofing Material
Shingles, roofing material
Skids or Pallets
Stone or Brick
Tree Stumps or Logs Thicker than 4"
Windows and Siding
Wood, wood scraps or lumber 

To request your bulk collection, please fill out the bulk request form

Please have your bags and bins on the curb by 7am. We recommend putting your items on the curb the night before. We try to have the routes completed by 4pm. If you forget, we will get everything picked up the following week.

Trash & Recycling is picked up on the SAME day with DIFFERENT trucks. The Trash & Recycling operate at different times of the day.

We are currently the only company which offers rural residential recycling in the area.

Even if you choose not to recycle, you can support a company that does.

We operate new or like-new equipment with up-to-date safety features like backup cameras.

We have GPS monitoring on each vehicle to ensure you are picked up as scheduled.

Your material will be collected safely and on-time.

Our trucks are slightly smaller, and so they will be gentle on your roads and cul-de-sacs.  

We are locally owned and operated. We hire local as well.

We have our own recycling facility to ensure items actually get recycled.

There is no garbage or recycling collection service on:

New Years Day (January 1)
Christmas Day (December 25)
Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday of November)
Labor Day (1st Monday of September)
Independence Day (July 4)

Your trash and recycling will be collected on your next regularly scheduled trash service day.

Memorial Day - Normal Schedule
Christmas Eve - Normal Schedule
Good Friday - Normal Schedule

We ask our customers to have their bags on the curb by 7am. Even if we usually pickup your items in the afternoon, we may do a re-route. We try to finish our route by 4pm. If your items have not been collected by then, please call, email or text us.

Please note:
1.) We operate two separate trucks for trash and recycling. These trucks have independent schedules.
2.) All of our trucks have our logo on them. If you see a big white truck without a logo, then it's probably not us.
3.) We have GPS on our trucks. If you were missed, we will check to see when driver was in your area. We will also make sure you are routed correctly.
4.) If you are missed, we will get you picked up the following day if a truck is in your area.

On average new sign-ups will receive their cart(s) within 2-5 business days. We make deliveries twice a week.  One of our employees will call you in advance to confirm availability. You can request an update by texting 817 888 6417.

Please let us know if you have an urgent need for a trash container and we will prioritize. 

Make sure you have setup auto-pay through our customer portal

It is always helpful to try and cancel in writing so that you have documentation. If you cancel over the phone, have the company send you an email confirmation or text message. 

Find out when your final pick-up day will be, and then notify us so that we can have your new trash container delivered in time.

Some companies will try to charge you a "removable fee". Don't let them do this... unless there is an actual signed contract, this is a made-up charge. We have seen so much inconsistency in this area... sometimes cancelling is a quick phone call, and sometimes it requires a little more tenacity. Let us know if we can help. 

It takes 1-2 business days for us to set up your account in our system. You will then be emailed a link to the Sundance Customer Portal. If you don't have an email. you will need to wait 2 business days before calling our office to set up auto-pay by phone. 

Online Auto-Pay setup requires two steps.

1.) Click and add a "Payment Method."

2.) Click "Manage Auto-Pay" and choose the correct auto-pay settings. 

Our updated Service Area Page is here.  Our residential operations are growing and expanding our service regularly.  To double-check, or to be added to our waitlist, please Contact us.   You can sign-up by visiting 

COUNTIES: Tarrant County, Parker County, Johnson County

ZIP CODES: 76035, 76126, 76036, 76028, 76044, 76058, 76063, 76140, 76008

RURAL AREAS SURROUNDING:  Aledo, Benbrook, Burleson, Cresson, Crowley, Fort Worth, Godley, Joshua, Mansfield

We provide roll-off dumpsters and business dumpsters all over DFW and in other states as well. 


The online form begins the enrollment process. It takes 1-2 business days for us to set up your account in our routing software. Once this is completed, we will then contact you by phone, text, or email. You can text us at 817 888 6417 for a status update.

It takes 1-2 business days for us to set up your account in our system. Then you will be sent login credentials by email. You may need to check your spam folder. 

If you forgot your password, or if you did not receive the portal invite - then you can wait two business days and visit the Sundance Customer Portal and click the "forgot password" or "Reset Password" link. This will send a new login link to the email that was used upon signup.

BULK ITEMS - Do you have a lot of extra moving boxes? We'll grab those for you. But please make sure you read our Bulk Policy for the future.

EXISTING TRASH CART ON SITE - If the previous homeowner had trash carts with another company - then you will need to contact that company.  Sundance will not empty or remove trash carts that belong to other companies.  If the previous homeowner had Sundance carts, please let us know.

• Paper
• Cardboard
• Plastic Bottles / Tubs / Jugs
• Metal Food & Beverage Cans
• Glass Beverage Bottles in Small Quantities

Not Accepted
• Shredded Paper
• Glass
• Items with food, grease or fluid
• Toys
• Plastic bags, plastic wraps, plastic film, etc.
• Batteries and electronics

When in doubt, throw it out! 

Not all paper and cardboard needs to be bagged. Large moving boxes, furniture boxes, etc can be flattened and put beside your cart. Put a large rock on top to keep the boxes blowing away. If it's raining outside, we ask you hold onto your boxes until the following week, or make sure they fit inside your cart. One common mistake people make is putting the boxes on the curb with large Styrofoam blocks inside... we do not recycle Styrofoam. 

Residential Service Includes:

1-96 Gallon Trash Cart emptied 1 x a week
> Up to two extra bags
> Leaves should be bagged.
> Bushes and Branches cut and bound.
> Please call ahead to schedule bulky items

Leaf and Lawn clippings are considered extra trash and may qualify as bulk.

Not Included:

> Tile, Dirt, Concrete, 
> Paint, Batteries, or Hazardous Waste
> Construction Debris



As part of your monthly service Sundance provides you with a 96 gallon cart. This cart is designed to fit our trucks and increase collection accuracy. Sundance does not recommend customers use their own carts. If you choose to use your own cart there will be no monthly discount and Sundance will not be responsible for any damage that the cart incurs in the collection process. If you put out an additional cart, beyond the one provided by Sundance, on a regular basis, Sundance will contact you and increase your service level to include an extra cart.

Sign up online at or call our residential department directly at 817 888 6417

We send invoices electronically to the email that was used during sign-up. You can also log into the customer portal to view your previous invoices and manage your payment information. If you forgot your password, just click the "Forgot or Reset Password" link under the login button.

A few extra bags is usually ok.  Large boxes are acceptable as well since they can be hard to fit into a 96 gallon cart. Bulk Items will need to be scheduled. 

Sundance uses rear-load residential trucks - which means the items are collected by throwers or helpers who load the trash into the back of the truck where it is compacted. If there are a few extra bags outside of your cart, then they will be collected at no additional charge. If it is a recurring occurrence then we may contact you and encourage you to sign-up for an extra cart. Usually adding an additional cart is half the price of the first bin. 

Roll Off

Sundance offers 10 yard dumpsters, 20 yard dumpsters, 30 yard dumpsters and 40 yard dumpsters.

The sizes are approximately as follows:

Capacity Length (ft) Width (ft) Height (ft)
10 Yard Roll-Off 12.5 6 4
20 Yard Roll-Off 17.5 7 6
30 Yard Roll-Off 22.5 8 6
40 Yard Roll-Off 22.5 8 8

For new customers we required pre-payment before delivering a roll-dumpster. We provide more flexible payment options for returning customers or for those who have completed a credit application. 

Sundance provides an online customer portal to login and view your invoices and pay online. You can also setup a card on-file to automatically process after each container gets hauled. 

In most instances we can get hauls scheduled "next-day" so long as we are contacted before 3pm.  Please note, scheduling can be affeted by weather or holidays.  If it is time-sensitive, it is best to submit a haul requests by email and then follow-up with a phone call. If you leave an end-of-day voicemail it may not be checked until the following day. 

Delivery fees are a one-time fee charged upon setup. This covers the cost to have the container delivered to your location. If we swap out your full container with an empty you will only be charged the price to haul - even if the new container we bring is a different size.  If you need us to make a special trip to have the dumpster moved (but not emptied) then you will be charged a relocation fee - which is the same cost as our delivery. 

We will verify container rental terms prior to setting up your service. The rental charge varies depending on size, location and haul frequency.  The reason waste haulers charge rental is because they need to make sure containers do not sit inactive for too long. As such, so long as your container hauls at least once every 15 days then you have a high probability of avoiding daily rental charges. 

It is not required for someone to be on-site, but it is required for us to have a contact name and phone number in case there are any access issues or placement instructions. If we need to make a secondary trip, you may be charged. That's why it is important to provide very clear placement instructions prior to delivery. For example  "Put dumpster on the North East Side of parking lot closest to the red awning."  Other considerations to make us aware of: Preferred Time Of Day, Gate Code/Access, Space Restrictions, Overhead Branches or Wires, Traffic, Wet Concrete, etc.

New customers will be required to pay for delivery and the first haul up-front.  Acceptions to this rule are returning customers with a working history, or customers who complete our credit application.  

The price for a roll-off dumpster includes the cost to HAUL the material, and to DISPOSE of the material. As such, the pricing can be different depending on what material is being thrown away, the proximity to the landfill.  Companies like Sundance have to pay a minimum "gate rate."  In addition, we try to simplify our billing as much as possible and so we try to bundle the cost of disposal with our haul so that the pricing is an easy to understand flat-rate with no surprises.  Sometimes your container will weigh less then our flat-rate pricing. We do not pro-rate or issue credits when this happens.  

For large construction or demolition projects, or for large roofing jobs, it is possible to schedule more than one dumpster to be delivered to your site. If you anticipate needing more than one container then please make sure you schedule this with our team in advance.  If you need a dedicated driver to empty multiple containers per day then we can also accomodate this.