Broker Services

What is a waste broker?

A waste broker is like having your own full-time waste consultant with purchasing expertise. There can be a lot of price-gauging in the waste industry - and the fine print buried in the contracts can lead to lots of hidden and extra fees. Using a waste broker is a great way to protect your business and streamline operations. 

Having a broker is especially helpful if you oversee multiple locations.

Most Common Clients:

1. Businesses or property management companies who oversee multiple locations 

2. Construction Companies who juggle multiple job sites.

3. Mom and Pop businesses who don't have the purchase-power or expertise to renegotiate their dumpster services.

4. Organizations who have special billing requirements and who needs their invoices routinely audited for accuracy, special reporting and consolidated billing. 

Sundance Disposal has a waste broker division that is dedicated to helping businesses track their contracts and renegotiate them. On average, our clients save 15-20% by using our broker services. 

Yes, we operate our own fleet of trucks - but if you're outside our service area then our broker team steps up to the plate. 

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