Meet our Team

When you call our office, you'll probably interact with one of the following people.

Andrew spends his time focusing on Sundance's long-term strategy, fostering strategic relationships, and finding ways to help with business development. Andrew delights in problem-solving and always looks for new systems and processes that can streamline operations. Andrew also enjoys collaborating on new sales and marketing initiatives.
Anna is the point person for all insurance and compliance matters. Anna supervises the leadership team as it pertains to all new hiring, safety implementation, truck routing, logistics, equipment purchases, maintenance, customer service, and marketing. 
Amy helps to implement company strategy and oversees much of our reporting and auditing for day-to-day operations. Amy oversees our commercial services division. 
Val oversees customer service matters and helps to ensure everything is properly documented. She assists with new customer setups and general service inquiries. 
Baleigh oversees all temporary dumpster service logistics and our construction ad-on services. She also helps with internal documentation and implementation of software used in our day-to-day operations. 
Jayden helps with new client onboarding and attending to existing customers who need service changes. She also works with many of our vendors and strategic partners. 
Michael is director of roll-off and construction site services. He oversees the drivers, routing, maintenance, and compliance. He brings 15+ years' experience to this roll. 
FRONT-LINE OPERATIONS TEAM You may see these guys on the route - but here is a quick summary of what they also do behind-the-scenes:
Jesus is the Residential Route Supervisor. He manages day-to-day residential operations to ensure all maintenance and services are being completed.   
Ron is our fleet maintenance leader. He oversees the routine maintenance of our entire truck fleet. In addition to conducting repairs in-house, he works with our maintenance partners to make sure everything is clearly documented and completed on schedule. 
Nathan is our safety and training leader. He instructs all new drivers and throwers on best practices. He provides routine meetings and guidance for the team and helps with written documentation and procedures.