Recycle Guidelines

As a general rule, Sundance accepts most kitchen and household items.  With the exception of large boxes, items must fit in your cart where they will eventually end up on a conveyor belt to be sorted.  Here is a short list: 

1. Paper - Newspapers, magazines, office paper, mail
2. Cardboard - Flattened boxes (large boxes can be placed outside the cart, bound to prevent blowing away)
3. Plastic - Bottles, tubs, and jugs. NO Styrofoam. (Rinse before recycling)
>We accept Plastic's #1-5, and 7. 
4. Metal - Food and beverage cans (Rinse before recycling). 


Plastic bags or Plastic Wrap - NO
Scrap Metal - NO
Shredded Paper - NO
Dirty / Soiled Containers - NO
Clothing - NO

Best Practices:

Rinse and Clean: Ensure all recyclable items, especially plastics and metals, are rinsed and free of food or liquids.

Loose Placement: Place items loosely in the recycling cart, not bagged.

Flatten Large Boxes: Large cardboard boxes should be flattened. If too big for the cart, they can be placed beside it, securely bound. 

NOT Accepted:

1. Glass - Glass Breaks and Makes Collection and Processing Difficult. (Some exceptions can be made for thicker glass in small quantities like the occasional wine or liquor bottle.)   
2. Contaminated Item - Items with food, grease, or fluid residues
3. Non-Recyclable Plastics -Plastic bags, wraps, films, Styrofoam
4. Electronics and Batteries - All types of electronics, batteries
5. Organic Waste - Food waste, yard debris
6. Toys - Plastic or metal toys
7. Shredded Paper and Scrap Metal - Not accepted in any form