Unaccepted Bulk Items

These items are not accepted for bulk collection. 

Any items that are too large for the truck, more than 75 lbs, or too heavy for one (1) person to load safely, will not be collected.

Any material resulting from work performed by a commercial contractor
Automobiles or Auto Parts
Bags of Dirt, Topsoil, Much or  Manure
Brush not cut to 4 feet or that weighs more than 40lbs per bundle
Camper Shells
Car or Truck Tires
Car seats or fenders
Cast Iron Bathtubs
Ceramic Tile
Chain Link Fencing
Compressed cylinders of any size, shape or condition
Construction and Demolition Debris (C&D)
Dead Animal Carcasses 
Deep Freezers full of expired meat
Drums, Tanks, Kegs or Barrels greater than 55 Gallons
Duct or Sheet Metal
Fence Posts with Concrete Attached
Fire-Damaged Items
Hazardous Waste
Home Renovation/Remodeling Debris
Hot Tubs or Spas
Marble or simulated Marble countertops
Materials from Evictions or foreclosures
Metal Poles and playground equipment
No items with FREON or condensers
Oil Drums
Pianos or Organs
Propane Tanks
Railroad Ties
Riding Lawnmowers
Roofing Material
Shingles, roofing material
Skids or Pallets
Stone or Brick
Tree Stumps or Logs Thicker than 4"
Windows and Siding
Wood, wood scraps or lumber